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Bookmark this site that debunks absurd Internet rumors in real time

If you’re tired of celebrity death hoaxes and misreported news bulletins, a rumor-tracking site dedicated to sorting fact from fiction might be your new favorite. 

As evolving technologies and expectations force media outlets to report the news as quickly as they can, errors and misreporting happen more often they should (even here at Mic from time to time). 

That’s why Emergent is potentially game-changing.Follow micdotcom 

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we should make a Ex Spirit Healers club

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I always play on casual anyway because I just don’t like combat, and dying a lot makes me angry. I prefer to focus on the story and character interaction. So that’s why the lack of healing spells/potions kind of terrifies me.

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I’m staying at my parents’ (now mostly abandoned) house for the weekend, so I can do some hot, burly woodworking (Hchom sale soon - ready thy loins). I’ve been browsing through some old hard drives, and I found these D&D designs which I’d totally forgotten about.

I can tell by the horse’s stiff little feets, that I was looking at a plastic model while I drew it.

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stripped to the bone in a matter of seconds

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"you won’t be seeing your warden in inquisition"



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